SIM4NEXUS - first stakeholder consultation workshop in Azerbaijan

Published Sep 28, 2018

Baku on September 5th

The 1st stakeholder consultation workshop for the case study of Azerbaijan under the EU H2020 project SIM4NEXUS  took place in Baku on September 5th. The workshop was organised by KTH-dESA PhD candidates Georgios Avgerinopoulos  and Eunice Ramos , with support from Floor Brouwer (WUR-LEI), Stefania Munaretto (PBL), Farhad Mukhtarov (Utrecht University), and Anar Nuriyev (Baku State University). It aimed at addressing the following objectives in the context of the transition of Azerbaijan’s economy to a low carbon pattern: first, the energy-water-food-land-climate nexus interlinkages and challenges from both a biophysical and a socio-economic perspective were identified. Subsequently, the participants discussed the formulation of possible future scenarios for long term-analysis of the nexus above challenges. Finally, a selection of relevant indicators to measure progress in achieving long-term goals defined in the scenarios was made. The workshop featured the participation of 18 stakeholders from a wide range of sectors and institutes (e.g. Ministries, State Agencies and private corporations). The outcomes of the workshop are expected to be documented in the coming weeks.