Soft-linking OSeMOSYS with tools for bottom-up long-term projection of electricity demand

Published Nov 30, 2018

A methodology and application to rural India

A new peer-reviewed paper by Riva et al.  has been published on the Energy journal. The paper uses three different tools, soft-linking bottom-up electricity demand of household appliances with a stochastic load profile generator, to generate the demand to be used as input in OSeMOSYS. This approach is adopted to investigate how more detailed socio-economic modelling of the electricity demand can better represent the variability of it, and how the variability of demand can impact the electricity supply system both in terms of capacity and costs. As highlighted by the authors, this methodology can help to better estimate investment plans for the electrification of rural areas in developing countries. The close link between energy and socio-economic aspects and the complexity of the rural context, characterized by uncertainty and scarcity of data, with this paper has proven to be an important element when assessing the long term evolution of the electricity supply system.