UNECE Nexus assessment report of the Drina River basin available online

Published Jan 31, 2018

Featuring benefits of transboundary cooperation

The UNECE nexus assessment of the Drina River Basin is now available online . The Drina River basin is located in South-Eastern Europe and shared between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The assessment was carried out between 2016 and 2017 in close collaboration with KTH-dESA. The study describes the different nexus systems and their governance and informs on how resources systems are interlinked in the basin, identifying the main nexus-related challenges of managing resources. Actions to tackle these challenges are proposed in this report and cover electricity sector measures, rural development, water quality and solid waste management. Cooperation opportunities identified include the coordination of the operation of the basin existing dams, with advantages for flood management and water flow regulation, safeguarding national energy security and climate change mitigation; and the improvement of solid waste management, that would reduce expenses by hydropower operators and local authorities for collecting of floating waste. The assessment report can be found here  and the Drina nexus policy brief here .