Upcoming CLEWs workshop in Bolivia

Published Aug 09, 2018

Organized by the UNDESA and the UNDP

In continuation of the two training workshops focused on energy and water systems modelling in Bolivia, a third workshop focussing on land-use modelling has been scheduled for September 2018 as part of the Bolivia-CLEWs project. The workshops are organized by the UNDESA and the UNDP. These training workshops are focused on enabling the participants with practical knowledge on the use of the CLEWs analytical model, which is developed in OSeMOSYS. Capacity development in the use of this integrated modelling framework aims to support policy coherence for sustainable development at an inter-ministerial and transdisciplinary level. A CLEWs model base for Bolivia, hands-on exercises and scenario modelling are expected to be part of the third workshop. The participants of this workshop are government officials and analysts from several institutions in the planning sector.