Workshop on Modelling the Water-Energy Nexus

Published Jan 31, 2018

Zurich, 13th December 2017

As part of the 72nd Semi-annual Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) meeting, a workshop on modelling the water-energy nexus was organised by Paul Scherrer Institute, in Zurich on December 13th, 2017. Participants of the workshop included representatives from research groups working actively on water-energy nexus modelling including members of the ETSAP community. The topics ranged from city/community level nexus modelling to national and global level interactions between the two sectors. KTH-dESA PhD student, Vignesh Sridharan  was one of the presenters at the workshop. He presented the CLEWs methodology and its applications on varying geographical scales. All the presentations from the workshop can be accessed here .