The Division offers a growing selection of courses . These provide a strong base and a deep understanding of both systems thinking and applied analysis in the case of the energy system. They are designed so that students may link their theoretical knowledge of energy generation or thermodynamics to more tangible actors including the energy industry, governmental agencies, policy design, macro and micro economic etc. Taught by an experienced group of teachers, classes  touch  on different research areas of applied research and cover a wide selection of topics including energy resource assessment, economic analysis of thermal energy conversion systems, polygeneration, the role and specificities of renewables in the system, energy policies, climate change, analytical modelling, policy assessment, etc. Additionally, courses and thesis topics relate to our core research areas and therefore refer to such topics as integrated resource analysis, strategic decision making, sustainability and energy access or more advanced model code development and testing.

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: May 20, 2016