Gabriela Peña Balderrama

PhD Candidate


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Phone number: 0046 - 764088437

Gabriela works as a PhD candidate at the Division of Energy Systems Analysis- KTH since april 2014. Her work has been focused in the development of national-level energy models used to analize future scenario pathways and their implications in power infrastructure investments. The main areas of her research are related to energy demand forecasting, optimization and modelling techniques for power systems planning, geo-spatial electrification and inter-linkages between climate, land-use, water and energy systems ( CLEWs ).

During the course of her PhD, she collaborated in capacity building activities to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and local authorities in Bolivia such as the Ministry of Energy (see link ). During this work, Gabriela has been engaged in the elaboration of comprehensive energy systems modelling, integrated resource planning and training workshops using OSeMOSYS *and LEAP **.

Prior to joining dESA, Gabriela worked as a Project Engineer developing conceptual engineering at the Agency for the Industrialization of Hydrocarbons in Bolivia (EBIH). Gabriela holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Mayor de San Simón University and currently she is finalizing her PhD studies in KTH.

* Open Source Energy Modelling System

**Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system

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