Rebecka Engström (formerly Segerström)

PhD Candidate

R. Segerström


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Rebecka Engström joined the division of Energy Systems Analysis in May 2012, to contribute in the research on developing integrated multi-resource planning models under the CLEWs paradigm. By analysing the interlinkages between Climate change, Land use development, Energy planning and Water resource management this research field aims to assist policy makers to acknowledge trade-offs associated with interventions aimed at meeting development goals(specifically related to energy, water and food security). Rebecka’s work emphasizes CLEW interlinkages in cities, where demand for energy, water and food is increasing with urbanisation. A first generic framework for cities is under development.

Before joining the division, Rebecka worked with integrated water-energy modelling at Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY, US. She holds a MSc in Socio-technical Systems Engineering from Uppsala University.

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
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