Research Profile

At the heart of KTH-DESA’s research is the development and application of quantitative models to answer difficult policy and investment questions. It is necessarily multi-disciplinary and collaborates with the KTH Energy Platform and several external partners.

Reasearch Areas

CLEWs to navigate the Nexus

Finding CLEWs – Sustainable Climate Land-use Energy and Water strategies. This effort seeks to address the divergent results of isolated analysis of resource systems that are connected.

Energy Model Development and Application

As energy modelling increases in complexity, the need for flexible and open tools to test out new hypotheses and approaches which can be applied to wider scenarios arises. OSeMOSYS (Mark Howells 2011) is designed to fill this gap in the analytical toolbox available to the energy research community and energy planners throughout the world. The existing set of energy modelling tools often require significant investment in terms of human resources, training and software purchases in order to apply or further develop them. In addition, their structure is often such that integration with other tools, when possible, can be difficult.

Strategic Policies and Investments

The overarching aim of the Strategic Policies and Investments research area is to provide the tools required for informed policy-making in the areas of sustainable development, energy planning and integrated resource management. This in turn can facilitate the establishment of appropriate frameworks for targeted investments.

Sustainable Energy For All

As does the title, this strategic research area mirrors concerns voiced by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs under an initiative that follows their well publicised Millennium Development Goals. Providing sustainable energy services to developing countries and BOP populations, favor capacity building and energy modelling knowledge transfer, assess tradeoffs and benefits of realistic system expansion and demand provision in rapidly growing regions world wide or ensuring consistent analyses from a multilevel perspective are among the ambitions of this area of research.

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Last changed: Aug 04, 2016