Research themes at ECS

Concerns about the impact of energy generation and utilization have led to the development of national and international agendas to promote a systems shift in the energy sector towards more renewable resources, increased efficiency and less environmental and health effects. Energy issues are also increasingly considered as part of other international concerns such as development, climate change and security. Certainly, the convergence of various agendas is becoming a strong instrument for pushing changes in the energy sector. However, we should not underestimate the difficulties of opening markets for new technologies, challenging established interests and mobilizing the broad support and investments needed to change and accelerate the course of trends.

Finding sustainable solutions to energy systems is much more than creating new knowledge or simply identifying answers to well-framed technical problems. Technological development remains important, as well as the need to continue filling knowledge gaps to improve efficiency and minimize risks and impacts. Yet the greatest challenge today is the implementation of energy solutions that can operate realistically and efficiently in the context of dynamic energy markets, stringent environmental and social requirements, and limited resource availability. What solutions can be pursued globally and regionally, which will lead to sustainable development? What are the solutions that will lead to mitigation and adaptation to climate change while also promoting sustainable development? These are central questions in the research being done at the unit of Energy and Climate Studies at KTH.

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Last changed: Feb 10, 2016