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Energy and Climate Studies

Sustainable energy solutions encompass not only efficient and renewable technologies but also the establishment of policy, institutional and market structures to foster the adoption of new technological alternatives and paths. Energy solutions need to operate realistically and efficiently in the context of dynamic energy markets, stringent environmental and social requirements, and limited resource availability. What solutions can be pursued globally and regionally, which will lead to sustainable development? What are the solutions that will lead to mitigation and adaptation to climate change while also promoting sustainable development? These are central research questions at ECS.

Strengthening the development of tools and methodologies to analyze and deal with the complexity of energy systems is an important step in this process. Thus we have developed PhD and master’s courses in the area of energy policy and climate, systems analysis and scenario assessment.

Linking knowledge from various disciplines to evaluate the perspectives for development of sustainable energy systems is another step. Therefore, we interact across departments and schools at KTH. We also have strong collaboration with other universities in Sweden and abroad.

The implementation of sustainable energy solutions requires cooperation among policy makers, scientific community, industry, multilateral organizations and the public at large. Therefore, we have established cooperation with various types of organizations. This guarantees the relevance of our research and enhances its value to society.

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