Sustainable urban smart grids in Brazil

A consortium of Swedish and Brazilian stakeholders is exploring opportunities for developing sustainable urban smart grids in Brazil. This includes the definition of “solution packages” and “business cases” with demonstration value and potential to be implemented and replicated. The effort builds upon Swedish experiences in the field of smart grids and the concept of SymbioCity.

The development of sustainable and attractive cities entails smarter integration of energy services into multiple urban functions, industrial production and different aspects of people’s lives. In this context, it is important to deliver energy services with high standards of safety, reliability and convenience, minimizing negative environmental and health impacts, and maintaining competitive prices. These stringent requirements justify the search for new energy solutions. Smart grids are important systems towards a green economy and the sustainability of cities. Smart grids provide a platform for the development of multiple technological innovations beyond energy provision. In this project, we build upon Swedish experiences in the development of smart-grid concepts and applications for urban areas in Brazil.

The project identifies opportunities for development of urban innovative clean-tech solutions in Brazil. A consortium of Swedish and Brazilian stakeholders is formed to:

  • Identify potential technological and institutional solutions aimed at the development of smart grids for urban areas in Brazil;
  • Identify a concrete pilot area that serves for developing an implementation project;
  • Increase the understanding about conditions for development of smart grids and smart grid-based products and services aimed at the Brazilian market.

Project period

Dec 2012 - Aug 2013

Initial Partners

  • KTH/Energy and Climate Studies (Project Leader)
  • Volvo IT
  • Saab
  • Stockholm Royal Seaport
  • Lindholmen Science park
  • CISB (Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre)
  • KTH/Electric Power Systems
  • KTH/Architecture and the Built Environment
  • UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais)
  • USP (São Paulo University)
  • Greenelizer
  • UTFPR (Federal University of Paraná)
  • PUC-PR (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná)
  • WebRadar
  • VINNOVA (Funding organization)
  • FAPEMIG (Funding organization)

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