Bioenergy experts meet at KTH to build coalition for Africa

Published Jun 11, 2013

A group of African and Swedish experts met at KTH to discuss the development of an African Bioenergy Platform. The effort is being coordinated by UNCTAD in cooperation with KTH

During the last week of May, African experts had the opportunity to learn more about Swedish experiences in bioenergy and visit a number of facilities. The challenges of promoting bioenergy were discussed both in terms of policies, conversion technologies and applications in the context of Africa. This was meant as a meeting to discuss next steps in the development of an African Bioenergy Platform. The idea of developing the platform came out from Rio+20 and efforts are being coordinated by UNCTAD, KTH partner since a few years. The workshop was made possible with the support of SSEESS. African participants came from Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. From the Swedish side, participants were from SEI, SLU, Svebio, Chemrec, Stora Enso, Ena Energi among others. Coming next, UNCTAD and KTH will bring the message from this meeting to the African Carbon Forum to be held in Abidjan in early July. The expectation is to mobilize forces so that a clear strategy can begin to take shape to develop bioenergy in the African continent. 


Workshop participants
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