The steel industry reinvents itself

Published Mar 22, 2013

“From Scrap to Clean Energy” was the topic of a seminar afternoon in Hofors on March 19, when OVAKO inaugurated a new ring mill producing steel rings for wind power mills.

Patrik Ölund, head of research at OVAKO, illustrated the innovative work carried out by the company together with its clients aiming at improved energy efficiency. In the same lines, Mr. Tom Johnstone, CEO of SKF, talked about how his company is developing an ambitious sustainability program and extracting business value from that.

Vattenfall was represented by Sandra Nilsson, director of business and power system development, who talked about the challenges of transforming and monitoring the power system to guarantee reliability. Jonas Millqvist, Vestas Wind Systems director, gave a global outlook of the development of wind power.

Prof. Semida Silveira

“The steel industry is reinventing itself”, Professor Semida Silveira said, recalling the fact that she was born in the so-called Steel Valley, the birth place of the Brazilian steel industry and still the major iron ore and steel producer in Brazil. She referred to the importance of devising new indicators to monitor efficiency improvements along materials supply chain such as the steel industry. “Only then will companies be able to fully capitalize on the benefits provided by new materials and their contributions to build a sustainable industry”. A new project at ECS is presently addressing this question.

To read more and see a video of the inauguration of Ring Mill 11, please, visit OVAKO's website .


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