Fumi Harahap

Fumi Harahap, Tekn. Lic. Energy Technology, is a PhD candidate at ECS with research focus on sustainable bioenergy development.

PhD Candidate

Phone: +46-8-790 74 31

Email: harahap@kth.se

Visiting address: Brinellvägen 68, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Research Project

Bioenergy is receiving increased attention in Indonesia. Indonesian government sees bioenergy as an attractive option to promote socio-economic development, improve energy security and reduce GHG emissions. Today, biomass contributes to approximately 20 percent of the total energy supply in the country. However, the majority of biomass use is still in traditional purposes in cooking. Indonesia is responsible for more than half of the world’s palm oil production and thus the opportunities for bioenergy particularly biodiesel expansion are quite significant. The present energy policy to utilise modern bionergy sources illustrate the level of ambition with the need to rapidly develop the national bioenergy industries. 

Fumi's current research focus is on sustainable bioenergy production. She investigated the cross-sectoral interplay of various activities such as forestry, agriculture, and climate to move towards coherent policies promoting sustainable bioenergy development. Without a coordinated policy approach, bioenergy field could potentially contribute to negative impacts in areas such as food security, biodiversity and water quality. Fumi also evaluated the industrial integration for the production of agriculture crop and various bioenergy carriers’ production such as electricity, heat, first and second-generation of biofuels. She analyzed the bioenergy supply chain in a geographically explicit way while considering regional infrastructures. Her case study is palm oil agro-industry in Indonesia. The palm-oil industry is strongly criticized internationally due to environmental impacts, particularly deforestation. However, this is an important industry in Indonesia, providing food and non-food products, and major export revenues. In addition, the government sees bioenergy as an attractive option to promote socio-economic development and improve energy security. While opportunities for synergy are at hand, the challenges are many. With her research, Fumi aims at providing recommendations and approaches to serve the basis of policy instruments aimed at enhancing the benefits of present commitments towards bioenergy.

Short biography

Fumi is an Environmental Engineer. She has worked in the area of energy and climate change for around six years prior to pursuing her PhD study. She engaged as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Indonesia. She also worked at E.ON where she was involved in developing Clean Development Mechanism projects with geographical focus of South East Asia region. Her expertise lies in the area of project management, green growth, sustainability due diligence and energy efficiency in industry. Currently, Fumi is involved in the Indonesian-Swedish Initiative for Sustainable Energy Solutions (INSISTS) project  aiming to develop strategies for sustainable bioenergy deployment in Indonesia, funded by Swedish Energy Agency. 

Fumi's publications (link to DiVA)

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