Maria Xylia

Maria Xylia, Tekn. Lic. in Energy Technology, is a PhD student at ECS with research focus on energy policy in a Swedish and European context. Currently Maria is engaged with research on the electrification of public bus transport.

PhD Student

Phone: +46 8 790 74 41


Visiting address: Brinellvägen 68, Stockholm

Research interests

Leading the European energy system into more sustainable paths is a major challenge that policymakers have to face. Ultimately, shifting the energy system is necessary for achieving the target of 80-95% reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions by 2050. Thus linking energy and climate policies is needed for achieving these ambitious targets. In addition, policymakers and stakeholders need to find ways to transform the energy systems without compromising economic development and welfare. The sustainability of energy systems should rely not only on efficient and low-carbon technology solutions, but also include comprehensive policy, institutional and market measures to assist the transition to those new solutions. 

Sweden has set ambitious targets for the year 2020 within its energy and climate policy frameworks and has made substantial steps towards achieving them. However, challenges still remain and these are particularly enhanced by the more ambitious goals set by the EU for 2030 in combination with the even more ambitious goals that Sweden has set internally. There is a significant need for new policies and instruments to apply in a post-2020 framework, where the efforts need to be intensified. Maria is currently finalizing her Licentiate thesis on the role of energy efficiency within the Swedish energy and climate policy frameworks. With her research, Maria aims at contributing in the discussion on the future of Swedish energy and climate policies and offer new approaches to support policy-making and facilitate the transition to more efficient, low-carbon energy systems.

An example of Maria's research work can be found here  and here

Short biography

Maria holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Patras, 2011, Greece and a MSc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering from KTH, 2013, Sweden. She joined the ECS division in June 2013 as a Research Engineer after finishing with her Master’s studies and she is currently pursuing her PhD. She has working experience from the private sector, as she has offered services as a consultant for renewable energy projects and energy consumption certification in the residential sector. Maria is currently engaged in the research project  "Wireless bus stop charging", funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. Maria defended in October 2016 her licentiate thesis titled "Is energy efficiency the forgotten key to successful energy policy? Investigating the Swedish case"

Maria's publications (link to DiVA)

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