"Simulation of temperature distribution in borehole thermal storages supported by fiber optic temperature measurements"

Large BTES system at Frescati Campus- Stockholm

General info from Akademiska Hus about the borehole storage

Project Leader: Björn Palm and Folke Björk

Researcher: José Acuña, Alberto Lazzarotto and Patricia Monzó


This research project aims at studying the heat transfer processes between the bed rock and heat carrier fluid in multiple borehole systems. The following aspects are treated:

  1. Determination of local temperatures along the borehols using fiber optic method.
  2. Determination of specific g-functions for different parts of the borehole field
  3. Implications of varying thermal properties in the ground across the borehole field.
  4. Comparison of existing design tools with recently developed models against measured data.
  5. Detailed monitoring of the power and temperature distribution vs depth and among borehole groups
  6. Optimization strategies for the operation
  7. Validation of new models for thermal influence between boreholes and for design of borehole fields
Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: Mar 24, 2016