Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger

EFFSYS EXPAND is a research program where industry, academia and government Energy Agency collaborate on research, development and innovation in resource-efficient refrigeration and heat pump systems, refrigeration and heat storage. The total budget amounts to 96 million kronor Energy Agency is contributing SEK 48 million. The program runs over the period 2014-09-01 to 2018-09-01.

EFFSYS EXPAND is a continuation of the previous programs "Alternative refrigerants", "Air 21", "eff-Sys", "Effsys2" and EFFSYS + which together running since 1994. The overall aim of the program is research, development and innovation in refrigeration and heat pump systems as well as cooling and heating bearings contribute to society and the outside world's transition to a more resource-efficient and sustainable energy use and the reduction of environmentally harmful substances in thermal storage and heat pump systems.

Our Project

Brief description

This project intends to measure advantages and disadvantages of deep borehole heat exchangers as well as to propose design guidelines for multiple borehole fields with coaxial collectors. The following aspects are covered:

- Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages with existing and new projects where deep borehole heat exchangers are or can be used.
- Development of a design method for multiple borehole fields using coaxial heat exchangers and special connections with HVAC systems.
- Quantification of thermal influence between neighbor systems with shallow and deep boreholes, hypothetical and factual scenarios with and without coaxial collectors
- Installation and experimental evaluation of deep borehole heat exchangers
- Laboratory model of ground storage in shallow and deep boreholes

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: Mar 08, 2016