Highlights form the Gustav Lorentzen conference on natural fluids.

written by Pavel Makhnatch (under supervision of Rahmatollah Khodabandeh and Björn Palm)

Published Nov 13, 2016

The recent global temperature observation suggest that the current year is likely to become the hottest year since the observations began in 1880. Currently the status of the warmest year belongs to year 2015, with 2014 being the second warmest one. Keeping the global temperature from raising is a global challenge for many, including the refrigeration industry that is known to be a source of significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Natural refrigerants have low GWP and often provide energy efficient refrigeration solutions. Natural refrigerants has been in focus of the 12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference that have been held few weeks ago in Edinburgh.
Gustav Lorentzen Natural Fluids Conference is important conference that is organized every two years. The recent conference has attracted an international audience with an interest in natural working fluids, including system owners, operators and end users, academic researchers, policy makers, contractors, manufactures of components and many other stakeholders. The conference is therefore not only the opportunity to present the findings in front of the relevant audience, but also a meeting place where all the specialists can share their views and knowledge to each other.

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