Ten non-flammable alternatives to R404A

written by Pavel Makhnatch (under supervision of Rahmatollah Khodabandeh and Björn Palm)

Published Aug 24, 2017

During the year, the refrigerant R404A is at the middle of everyone's attention in the refrigeration industry world. In anticipation of the forthcoming quota reduction, refrigerant manufacturers are constantly raising prices for refrigerants with high GWP values. Some even announce that they completely stop offering the R404A from next year. Many shop owners therefore stand with systems that require an expensive R404A. One possible option for them is to replace the R404A with any other refrigerant. In this article we review the non-combustible R404A options that have been introduced so far.

This article is only available in Swedish: " Tio icke-brännbara alternativ till R404A ".

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