Muhammad Afzal

PhD Candidate

Telefon: 08 790 7403

Cell: 0765829347 


Besöksadress: Brinellvägen 68


Muhammad Afzal is one of the key members in the Advanced Fuel Cell and Solar Cell Group, Heat and Power Division, Department of Energy Technology at The Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm. He is working as project manager, research engineer in the group and play the important role of Dr. Bin Zhu in different projects in his absence.

Mr. Muhammad Afzal has dedicated himself to the research of Novel Nanocomposite materials for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell, advanced SOFC and new energy conversion device and has deep understanding in the field of solid oxide fuel cell and new energy conversion device. He is working with Dr. Bin Zhu for breakthrough technology of electrolyte free fuel cell also known as single component. Recently Afzal is the work package leader and project manager in EC FP-7 TriSOFC project. He is also the Manager and contact person of the Fuel Cell & Solar Cell Group on behalf of Dr. Bin Zhu.


Durable Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Tri-generation System for Low Carbon Buildings (TRISOFC)

The EC FP-7 project (TriSOFC) aims to develop and evaluate the performance of the first-of-its-kind LT-SOFC tri-generation system for low carbon buildings. The system is based on the integration of LT-SOFC stack and a novel liquid heat desiccant unit.

A low-cost durable LT-SOFC tri-generation prototype system will be designed, optimised, constructed and tested. The tri-generation system incorporates additional components including a fuel processor, to generate reformate gas if natural-gas used as a fuel, equipment for the electrical, mechanical and control balance of plant (BoP). With high efficiency, low-cost and long–term durability in mind, all these components will be first tested in the laboratory for further optimisation and miniaturisation. The performance of the tri-generation system will be tested using the Creative Energy Homes (low/zero carbon homes) at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Period: 2012-08-01 - 2015-07-31

Source of funding: European Commission


Supervisor in master thesis as follows

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