Welcome to the Unit of Energy Systems Analysis (KTH-dESA)

At the heart of KTH-dESA’s research is the development and application of quantitative models to answer difficult policy and investment questions. It is necessarily multi-disciplinary and collaborates with the KTH Energy Platform and several external partners.

Our main research areas are:

  • CLEWs - Climate, Land, Energy and Water strategies to navigate the nexus
  • Energy Systems Model Development and Application
  • Strategic policies and investments
  • Sustainable Energy for All
"We have a commitment to contribute to open accessible science. This should build not only our own capacity but also that of the broader community: Employing academic developments to inform smarter management of our planet, people and transitions from poverty to prosperity. In all of these, energy systems play a critical role."

  Prof Mark Howells, Head of KTH-dESA

Download our Brochure HERE (pdf 1011 kB)

The unit of energy systems analysis (KTH-ESA) was started with a generous gift from the Swedish Energy Agency to KTH.

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: May 30, 2018