Kick-off meeting of the project "Energy system development pathways for Ethiopia"

Published Jan 18, 2019

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The division of Energy Systems Analysis at KTH (KTH-dESA) together with the University College of London, Addis Ababa Institute and the Ethiopian Development Research Institute had the kick-off meeting of the project "Energy system development pathways for Ethiopia" at AAIT during 18-19 December 2018. Government officials from the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Mining, Petroleum and Natural Gas as well as academics participated to the meeting. The duration of the project is 2 years and it is funded by the Energy and Economic Growth programme-Oxford Policy Management-UK government. The aim of this research project is: to develop transition pathways to modern energy in Ethiopia, specifically clean electricity, by incorporating behavioural issues (social science) in energy system modelling frameworks; to make the developed tool available for users to formulate energy and environmental policies; to enhance energy modelling, social science and analytical capacity not only in academic and research institutions, but also in government institutions and development organisations; and to engage with relevant stakeholders and to disseminate project findings. Ioannis Pappis (PhD candidate) and Andreas Sahlberg (Research Engineer) represented KTH-dESA at the meeting where they presented the overall project as well as the modelling tools that will be used during its course (OSeMOSYS, OnSSET, CLEWs).