African Power Pool Modelling (completed project)

In July 2011 the African energy ministers at their summit in Abu Dhabi requested that IRENA assist in the planning for an accelerated deployment of renewable energy in the continent. In response IRENA has taken up a number of research areas, including work in the field of scenarios and strategies. The final aim is to enhance and extend knowledge and capacity building efforts to the African continent through multiple workshops. These workshops would be organised regionally and should be based in an initial version of an acceptable Modelling Toolbox that can further be updated and validated after the event. The aim is to enable in-house energy planning while promoting the extension and development of renewable energy technologies on the continent.

In this endeavor, KTH dESA supplies the technical and modelling expertise in representing the Central, Eastern and Northern African power pools and producing the corresponding toolbox including: a functional model, an up to date database, and a corresponding report based explanation.

Project team: Oliver Broad, Nawfal Saadi, Constantinos Taliotis and Adegbaiye Temidayo

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Last changed: Jul 14, 2017