Climate Vulnerability of African Countries (completed projects)

In a recent call for proposals relative to the vulnerability of African Infrastructures, the World Bank expressed their interest in funding an in depth analysis including Roads, Water and Power sectors. In general terms, the objective is to detect and assess robust trans-sectoral adaptation strategies for planning, evaluating and designing specific infrastructure investments in the face of climate uncertainty.
In detail, this project focuses on the study of seven river basins in relation to four power pools applying the RAND Corporation's methods of decision under great uncertainty while using inter-related water and energy models generated by the modelling teams at SEI-US and KTH-dESA respectively.

The final output should formulate actionable recommendations for policy makers at multiple levels on how to increase the system's resilience on the whole by enacting short term policy measures that fit into a long term vision for a robust system into the future.

Project Team: Oliver Broad and Vignesh Sridharan

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Last changed: Jul 19, 2017