Country level CLEWs

Energy, land and water are some of the most important resources of any nation. As countries tap into these resources to meet their development aspirations, policy makers need to take into account the various trade-offs and synergies that emerge from their management. Recent developments indicate that the interconnections among the use of natural resources and the economy are so important that policy decision making can significantly benefit from considering the full range of policy impacts in an integrated way; that is considering simultaneously how land, energy and water interplay in particular policy scenarios, as well as considering the impact of natural shocks on resource availability for economic growth and social development. The project will use the Climate, Land-, Energy- and Water-use Strategies (CLEWs) methodology to implement the integrated assessment and will draw to the extent possible from national and regional data, studies and models in the relevant area. The CLEWs framework is currently being implemented for Uganda and Nicaragua.

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: Jul 14, 2017