Developing an electricity supply model for Cyprus (completed project)

This work built on an existing power sector model for Cyprus, previously used to assess offshore natural gas finds in the Eastern Mediterranean. The model was updated to improve the temporal resolution and technological options required to fulfil the project's objectives. Quantitative analysis of the power generation systems of Cyprus were conducted through the construction of the existing power systems and formulation of scenarios to project and assess alternative pathways to power system development. The modelling work was carried out using MESSAGE (Model for Energy Supply Strategy Alternatives and their General Environmental impacts), which is a cost-optimization tool.

The model structure will be designed to partially accommodate short-term concerns, such as operating reserves. Power technology options were divided into future and existing options. Each existing power plant unit was modelled individually to allow a more detailed assessment. In regards to future capacity additions, two types of future technology options were included: site specific projects and generic technology options. Site specific options were identified from local energy policies, strategies and plans.

KTH's part of the study contributed in the development of  IRENA's Renewable Energy Roadmap for the Republic of Cyprus . Finally, upon completion of the model and its scenarios, training material was developed for use of the model and training sessions were held by KTH for the local stakeholders in Cyprus.

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Last changed: Jul 14, 2017