Development of the Model Management Infrastructure (MoManI) interface

To facilitate the use of OSEMOSYS for capacity building and model-based planning, UNDESA and KTH-dESA (with support from the IAEA and Tartu University) are developing the OSeMOSYS Model Management Infrastructure ( MoManI ) interface.

Energy planning is a key component of the design of national sustainable development strategies. Building capacity in countries for energy planning can greatly benefit from an open, accessible, transferable, yet powerful modelling package. Learning from UNDESA capacity development in pilot countries, MoManI is developed to run the open source energy modelling tool OSeMOSYS. As such, MoManI helps provide energy planners with the tools required to construct models, explore scenarios and visualize results.

MoManI, is a browser-based open source interface for energy systems modelling. Available to all manner of users, from policy makers and energy planners through to academics, its novel structure allows different teams to collaborate simultaneously from around the globe. Each user can easily edit and update any part of the modelling process: from the underlying mathematical equations of OSeMOSYS through to the visualization of results.

Although energy system modelling is a complex process, MoManI’s straightforward structure helps simplify it thereby supporting effective capacity building activities. The easy and fast results visualization feature in MoManI also allows energy planners to get immediate feedback on their work to ensure a quick turnaround time.
Going forward, this tools’ flexible structure will make it a potential interface for a larger selection of modelling tools thus extending its use from OSeMOSYS, for energy systems, to, For Ex, WEAP for water systems.

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: Jul 14, 2017