Energy systems-CGE modelling Link up for pilot countries (completed project)

The project aims to support the development of government capacities to formulate, consistently, policies and strategies aimed at promoting sustainable development. Sustainable development requires the alignment of a wide range of policies in a coherent framework, to ensure that decisions aimed at achieving human development and poverty reduction in a context of intensive use of renewable energy sources and protecting natural heritage, are made so that macroeconomic balances are preserved and to ensure the sustainability of public finances. Therefore, the project will train and will provide the government with a suite of tools that includes a comprehensive model of the economy, a dynamic model of power systems, a routine microsimulation and a methodology link between models of economy and energy . The comprehensive model of the economy (a CGE model with focus on energy) is being developed by UNDESA and energy systems model is developed in OSeMOSYS by KTH. The project includes the several training activities which aim to deepen the participants' ability to build energy stsrtems and CGE models from scratch and also develope capacities for interpretation and communication of results. The pilot countries were Uganda, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Belongs to: Department of Energy Technology
Last changed: Jul 19, 2017