Energy and Climate Studies

Welcome to the homepage of the Unit of Energy and Climate Studies (ECS). ECS has an interdisciplinary character with a strong systems approach, linking issues related to energy technology and policy, climate change and sustainable development. ECS is led by Professor Semida Silveira.

The ECS team (September 2018)

ECS is involved in research , education and policy outreach in four thematic areas: bioenergy systems , energy for sustainable development , energy systems efficiency  and urban sustainability . The research projects usually relate to two or more thematic areas and involve collaboration with partners in academia, public sector and industry. Energy and/or climate policy relevance is explored in all projects. ECS was created in 2007 and reflects KTH’s efforts to enhance the value of engineering and technical energy research in public policy and planning. This requires multidisciplinary research and applications in cooperation with multiple actors in society. Take a look at  to learn more about our research profile. 

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Head of unit

Professor Semida Silveira