New Projects on the Advancement of Thermal Energy Storage

Published Feb 17, 2017

Two new projects related to thermal energy storage have recently been awarded to Principal Investigator Prof Viktoria Martin, and our colleagues at the department of Energy Technology.
One project is related to the advancement of chemical reactions for storing heat -- Neutrons for Heat Storage. This is a project funded by Nordforsk, coordinated by DTU, Denmark, and also in collaboration with Institute for Energy Technology, Norway, and Amminex Emission Technology, Denmark. The project will be running 2017 through 2019.
The second project is related to the system development and design phase of a stratified cold storage in Sundbyberg, Stockholm. Here, an old rock cavern oil storage is converted to a cold water store, for load management in an existing district cooling network. The project, funded in part by the Swedish Energy Agency, is managed by Norrenergi AB, in collaboration with KTH and SENS AB. It will be running through 2017.

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