Master Thesis Project Proposals

Title Date
Starting your thesis work Nov 11, 2016
Finishing your thesis work Nov 11, 2016
Information for supervisors and examiners Nov 07, 2018
Exploring multiple benefits from improved waste management in Lapa, Paraná Jan 09, 2019
Thermal Energy Storage Prototyping and Testing Jan 08, 2019
Modelling the performance of Heat Pump Systems Dec 14, 2018
Integrated Combined Heat and Power Plant with Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Dec 14, 2018
Optimization of Distributed Cooling and Cold Storage in Sweden: Case Study- Norrenergi AB Dec 07, 2018
The next generation energy system for supermarkets Dec 07, 2018
Impact on the Distribution Network due to Increased Loads from Electric Vehicles Dec 03, 2018
Development of Distributed Energy Resources Models for Co-Simulation of Energy Networks Dec 03, 2018
Optimizing the Dispatch Strategies of CHP plants to balance Renewable Power Production Dec 03, 2018
Field measurement analysis of two supermarkets with advanced energy systems Nov 30, 2018
CFD study of a flexible combustor for a hybrid solar-Brayton system Nov 20, 2018
Modelling and Thermo-Economic Optimization of a Combined Sensible-Latent Thermal Energy Storage for Air Driven CSP Power Systems Nov 20, 2018
Resource potential and techno-economic assessment of residues and energy crops to enhance bioenergy production Nov 16, 2018
Examensarbete master nivå våren 2019 - Kapacitetsökning Värmepump Nov 16, 2018
Consequential life cycle assessment of photovoltaic systems Oct 11, 2018
Measuring the environmental impacts of cities in Sweden – a life cycle assessment approach Oct 11, 2018
Thermal Energy Storage Design and Prototype Aug 28, 2018
Thermal Energy Storage Design and Benchmark Aug 12, 2018
3D modeling of fluid flow and heat transfer in Membrane distillation Feb 26, 2018
Master thesis on process simulation Feb 19, 2018
Simulation and Testing of Food Storage Quality in Refrigerators Dec 15, 2017
Ammonia-Metal Halides Thermochemical Heat Storage Systems Design with CFD Modelling: 1) Thermal Energy Storage System and 2) Reactor Dec 06, 2017
Modelling of different configurations of thermal energy storage tanks with phase change materials Nov 17, 2017
Towards Flexible Co-Generation: Techno-economic Optimization of Advanced Combined Cycle Combined Heat and Power Plants Integrated with Heat Pumps and Thermal Energy Storage Nov 01, 2017
Viability of Battery Electric Storage Systems for Large-Scale Solar Power Plants: Identification of Technology Limitations and Challenges for Deployment Nov 01, 2017
On the Impact of Storage Dispatch Optimization Algorithms in the Annual Yield and Day-ahead Assessment of Solar Power Plants Nov 01, 2017
Impact of Visibility in CSP Tower Plants: A Location-Tailored Methodology for Assessment of Attenuation Losses in Solar Tower Fields Nov 01, 2017
Methodologies for Cost Assessment of Solar Power Plants as a Function of the required level of Accuracy in the Project Development Phase Nov 01, 2017
Creating an energy simulation model of property Beridarebanan 4, 11 and 77 Aug 23, 2017
3D Numerical Analysis of Stratified Cold Water Storage May 18, 2017
An experimental study of frost free surface coatings Feb 21, 2017
Alternative salt based secondary fluids for indirect refrigeration systems Feb 17, 2017
Experimental characterization of a large-scale thermal energy storage tank with phase change materials Feb 14, 2017
Norr Energi Mixed Cold Water Storage Jan 23, 2017
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Latent Thermal Energy Storage in Square Cavity Dec 15, 2016
Heat Transfer Enhancement in Latent Thermal Energy Storage in Cylindrical Components Dec 15, 2016
Numerical Verification of Mobile Thermal Energy Storage Performance Dec 15, 2016
Cooling of a fire-fighting assistant robot Dec 15, 2016
Energy Saving Challenge - Even Flow and Heat Transfer Nov 13, 2016
Modeling and dimensioning of thermosyphons for heat recovery in high-temperature processes Nov 15, 2016
CFD Analysis of Rotating Pressure Structures in Rotor-Stator Disc Cavity System Oct 12, 2016
Feasibility study of the energy storage for an energy efficient family house May 20, 2016
Opportunities for small scale biogas plants in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Apr 26, 2016
Assessment of biogas opportunities in the city of Curitiba, Brazil Apr 25, 2016
Market Role, Profitability, and Competitive Features of Thermal Power Plants in the Swedish Future Electricity Market with High Renewable Integration Sep 12, 2016
Thesis proposals from DESA Apr 20, 2016
Sustainable bioenergy deployment in Indonesia Apr 26, 2016
Solar Receiver CFD Study – Natural convection Apr 26, 2016
Solar Receiver CFD Study – Forced convection Apr 25, 2016
Transient Performance Characterization of Latent Heat Based Thermal Energy Storage (LHTES) Nov 17, 2016
Dimensioning of heat pump systems for the buildings equipped with indoor pool or snow melting Apr 18, 2016
INTERNSHIP: Analysis of the operating conditions of steam turbines in concentrating solar power plants Jun 09, 2015
Increasing Power Block Flexibility on a Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Power Plant Nov 21, 2017
Smart Charging of Electric Vehicle Batteries for Load Balancing Strategies Nov 21, 2017