Exploring multiple benefits from improved waste management in Lapa, Paraná

Category : Master’s Thesis Project, 30 hp
Contact Person : Eftychia Ntostoglou ( eftychia.ntostoglou@energy.kth.se )
Supervisor/Examiner : Prof. Semida Silveira ( semida.silveira@energy.kth.se )
Division : Energy and Climate Studies (ECS)
Department : Energy Technology

The municipality of Lapa is located in the state of Paraná, 70 km from the capital Curitiba. Lapa has 45000 inhabitants. The municipality is planning to take new steps in waste management, creating an integrated center for dealing with residues and promoting environmental education. At present, the municipality has solid waste collection and controls the deposition of these residues in a municipal site. In a master study, the student can explore different types of questions around this topic.

  1. The energy benefits of improvements in waste management in Lapa. The student will evaluate the energy balance of different options in the treatment of solid waste in the municipality including harnessing biogas and composting, as well as different uses for the energy and fertilizers generated, and resulting greenhouse emissions. Implementation of the study is to take place preferably during the first half of 2019. Field visit could be planned for March or April.
  2. The student will explore the policy frameworks favoring new solutions for waste management in Brazil. In this context, the student will explore the business case around waste management in terms of scale required, investment costs and/or potential benefits at public and private levels. This may include exploring cooperation with other municipalities in the vicinity to obtain the scales desirable for the implementation of new technologies, for example.

This project will be supervised by ECS, Dept of Energy Technology. It is developed as part of the cooperation between KTH and Curitiba. The students will be locally supported by UTFPR (Technical University of Paraná) and UFPR (Federal University of Paraná).

For more information on the cooperation, see:

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For more information on the master thesis project, please, contact, Eftychia Ntostoglou eftychia.ntostoglou@energy.kth.se
Note: Portuguese is not a requirement but some knowledge of Portuguese or Spanish will be a great advantage.

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