Instructions for MSc thesis supervisors and examiners

The routines for thesis registration are updated October 2019


STEP 1 : When a Supervisor agrees with a Student on a thesis project, Supervisor should request the student to fill in the Application form  and send it back to the Supervisor.

STEP 2 : Once the form is received by the Supervisor, Supervisor enters the thesis course code (please refer to the file uploaded on the thesis course codes below), signs and and sends the form to the responsible administrator  for registration.

Course codes and examiners (pdf 417 kB)

IMPORTANT! It is required that the originals of the application form are archived, therefore, at your earliest convenience, please place the original of the appllication form into the white mail box by the reception at Brinellvägen 68 (around the corner on your right hand side). Alternatively, the form can be left at the reception.

STEP 3 : The Administrator will register the thesis work in Ladok and archive the form

MSc thesis GRADE REGISTRATION process :

STEP 1 : Supervisor requests a registration number from the responsible administrator . Request should include student's full name only.

STEP 2 : When the registration number is received Supervisor sends out that number to the student.

STEP 3 : Student should insert the registration number on the Thesis cover page (2nd page on the template), makes sure that the abstract of the thesis is both in Swedish and English separately and sends the very last version of the thesis in a pdf format to the Supervisor. PDF should be named as follows: Lastname Firstname Thesis registration number.pdf

STEP 4 : Supervisor sends the grade for the thesis work via email along with the final version of the thesis (containing abstract is in both English and Swedish and named as requested Lastname Firstname Thesis registration number.pdf )

Important : As grade reporting is a major step in the examining procedure, and as such a part of the authority decision (sv myndighetsbeslut) on grade, it is very important that the examiner reports the grade with all information clearly presented in the same email (one page):

  • Name of the student
  • Personal ID number
  • Course code
  • Date of the grade
  • Grade
  • Name of the examiner
  • Title of the thesis(mandatory in English only, if the thesis is written in Swedish , both English and Swedish titles should be written here).
  • For questions on the procedure please refer to EGI Director of undergraduate studies.

STEP 5 : When the grade is registered in Ladok, Examiner will be notified of the grade to be attested (on the Homepage of Ladok 'to be attested' ) 

STEP 6 : Once the examiner attests the grade in Ladok it will be published for the student to see.

STEP 7 : Thesis administrator will publish the thesis final version in Diva unless there are special circumstances preventing such publication in accordance with the Rector’s decision. Matters related to confidentiality will have to be sorted out with the KTH Archive by the student or the Supervisor and inform the thesis administrator on how to proceed.

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Last changed: Oct 18, 2019