Finishing your thesis work

When you are about to finish your thesis work, it is important to think in advance about the steps to take for having your grade registered in the system. Please note that it may take longer than you think to receive your final degree and therefore allow about three weeks for your grade registration and another six weeks for your diploma to be issued.

Upon completion of your thesis work, please take the following steps in order to have your grade registered :

STEP 1. Examiner /Supervisor should send and email to MSc thesis administrator  and request a registration number for the thesis. For that, following information should be provided:

  • student's full name
  • student/personal number
  • supervisor’s name and the title of the thesis

When ready, please initiate this step together with your supervisor. When this number is received by the Supervisor it will be communicated to you.

STEP 2. When the final version of your thesis is ready and a grade has been awarded, the Supervisor/Examiner sends in the approved final thesis in a pdf file with the file name Lastname Firstname Thesis registration number.pdf to the MSc thesis administrator  along with the grade awarded to your project. Please thus help your supervisor by sending in the final, approved, graded version of your thesis after inserting the thesis registration number on the Thesis in the designated place. Please also make sure that you have an abstract of the thesis both in Swedish and English at the begining of the report before you send in the very last version of the same to your supervisor (even if the thesis had been written in English it is required to have the abstract both in Swedish and English).

STEP 3. Thesis grade will appear in LADOK and My Pages within 3 weeks of the submission of the final thesis file and the grade to the MSc thesis administrator.

STEP 4. According to KTH Rector's decision all the thesis will be published in DIVA by MSc thesis administrator. 

After thesis grade registration you can apply for your degree certificate. See instructions here .

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Last changed: Mar 21, 2019