Thermal Energy Storage Design and Benchmark

Electricity and thermal energy peak shaving and load shifting are essential in reaching out for a flexible and secure energy system. In the framework of an EU H2020 project, we aim to design and construct thermal energy storage units that allow flexible combined cycle power plant operation.

Thermal Energy Storage Design and Benchmark (pdf 144 kB)

Thesis/Learning objectives

The goal is to benchmark and design thermal energy storage systems.

After the thesis has been performed, the student should be able to:

  • Design thermal energy storage units meeting the user requirements
  • Evaluate capital expenditure and operating expenditure of the designed systems

Methods of attack

A literature survey on the design of existing thermal storage systems will be conducted. Numerical model will then be created on Comsol/Fluent where design parameters will be studied. Net present value methods will be used for the economic analysis of the designed systems. The thesis student will have a relatively large freedom in defining the details of his/her work.


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