Thermal Energy Storage Prototyping and Testing

1. Background

Electricity and thermal energy peak shaving and load shifting are essential in reaching out for a flexible and secure energy system. We aim to design and construct thermal energy storage units that allow flexible operation in order to promote higher system efficiency.

2. Thesis/Learning objectives

The goal is to construct and test a lab scale thermal energy storage prototype for daily heat storage for district heating use in a combined heat and power plant.

After the thesis has been performed, the student should be able to:

  • Design a thermal energy storage system
  • Evaluate storage system performance

3. Methods of attack

Based on the previously performed studies and designs proposed in the H2020 Pump Heat project, a Phase Change Material based thermal energy storage prototype will be constructed at KTH. This thesis will consist of hands-on lab work.

4. Pre-requisites

  • Heat transfer and fluid dynamics
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Fundamental knowledge in thermodynamics and product design
  • Self-driven and independent

5. Preliminary proposed time schedule, including milestones and dates for intermediate reports

The whole thesis is planned for a time span of around 5-6 months. The time is roughly allocated as:

Week 1-2: Literature review

Week 3-4: Prototype drawing

Week 4-16: Storage construction

Week 15-18: Measuring chain setup

Week 19-20: Performance testing

Week 21-24: Thesis revision and finalization of work

  • Final paper/report
  • Thesis defense

6. Expected start date:

As soon as possible

7.Supervisor and Examiner at KTH:

Dr. Justin Chiu

Department of Energy Technology

Off: +46 (0)87907414
Cell: +46 (0)733289110

Enclosed the Msc Thesis Description

Thermal Energy Storage Prototyping and Testing.pdf (pdf 144 kB)

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