Masters degree Application

How to apply for your master's degree at the Department of Energy Technology:

When you have completed your studies at KTH you can apply for degree certificate.

We at the Department of Energy Technology will do our best in order to help you. However, note that it is the student’s responsibility to provide complete application. Here is a check-list for you to follow.


Access your academic record by logging in to my pages (KTH startpage > Student at KTH > Mina sidor). Make sure that all credits (including transferred courses) are registered there. Print out your academic record certificate. You will need to attach it to your degree application.

If your transferred courses are not registered at KTH you cannot apply for the degree before you make Transfer Application.

  1. Transferred courses:

If you did not read all courses that should be included in your degree at KTH, you need to apply for course transfer. We will assess whether a previous course or activity may be accepted for the purposes of a credit transfer.

You should submit a hand signed application for each course you wish to transfer.

The complete application should contain:

  1. Application form with information which course you want to transfer, as well as which course you will transfer it towards.
  2. Verified document of your academic record from the University where you have studied. (In English or Swedish)
  3. Syllabus of the course you completed.

Note that incomplete applications will be returned to you for additional completion and will take longer time for the department to process.

Application form you will find here:!/Menu/general/column-content/attachment/tillgodorakning_aug07.pdf

After your transferred courses are registered in our System you should be able to see them via My Pages. Then you can apply for Degree Certificate.

  1. Degree credits.

Your Master Degree Credits for your Master degree should not exceed 127,5 credits. If you have completed more than allowed amount of credits you should notify the department which courses should be excluded from the degree when applying (Enclosure to application. You will find it together with application form). Excess courses can be provided to you in form of a certificate.


You need to fill in and hand sign a degree application form.

Attach following documents:

  1. Application form
  2. KTH Academic Record (Print it from My pages. See above I:)
  3. Check that the amount of credits correspond with your studies (See above III)
  4. Attach a photocopy of your Bachelors University degree, Transcript of Records which clearly shows all courses that are included in your Bachelor’s Degree as well as Diploma Supplement (if included)

!!   Note that copy of the Bachelor’s Degree should be verified! (in Swedish “vidimerad”)

!!   Submitting a not verified copy will result in rejection of your application.

Please send your application to:



Institutionen för Energiteknik

100 44 Stockholm

Application form as well as additional information (Graduation ceremony, verifications etc) related to your degree application can be found here:

Application for degree certificate

Your complete application will be sent to the Degree Administration Office. If you have further questions regarding submitted application, please contact Degree office.

Best Regards,

Vadimas Bliumkinas

Students Office

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Last changed: Mar 11, 2013