Course requirements


In addition to conducting research, a PhD student is required to read a number of advanced/postgraduate courses.  A doctoral degree requires a minimum of 60 credits, of which 60% must be at a postgraduate level. A licentiate degree requires a minimum of 30 credits, of which 50% must be at a postgraduate level. Credit transfer is not possible for courses required for eligibility for doctoral studies.

The course structure of advanced/postgraduate courses tends to differ from undergraduate courses.  A postgraduate course may contain (or consist of) construction tasks, projects, literature reviews or in some cases, active participation in seminars. The number of lectures and lab hours are few, and most of the literature is in English. It is also common for the teaching to be in English as well, as guest lecturers may teach part of the course, or in some instances, all of it.

It is up to the student, together with the supervisor, to find suitable courses at KTH or other universities. It is common to read courses arranged by other universities or colleges. Examples may include summer schools or research schools. Information about such courses is often spread via the researcher networks.

You can find some of the postgraduate courses offered at KTH here Courses in University Teaching or Technical English may also be good additions to consider. Many postgraduate courses are not held within any given time period, but will instead begin when there is sufficient interest.

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Last changed: May 11, 2015