Description of program

Production Engineering

The department of Production Engineering offers undergraduate studies, research and postgraduate studies in the broad field of production. The department covers most central areas of today's production and manufacturing processes, with close ties to the manufacturing industry.

We offer PhDs within the area of production engineering, with the opportunity to specialize in:

  • Sustainable Production Systems
  • Machine and Process Technology
  • Precision Manufacturing Technologies
  • Adaptable Production Technologies

These research areas are not intended to operate as individual specializations, but can be entered in the diploma.

The purpose of KTHs doctoral studies is to create competent researchers whose work contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Our main goal is to ensure that our postgraduates become independent, skillful researchers. The finished postgraduate should be able to:

  • Describe and explain theories and empirical results within their relevant area
  • Create research questions within their relevant area
  • Utilize the scientific method and develop new knowledge through independent research
  • Critically analyse and evaluate applied methods and results in their own and others’ research
  • Present and discuss research results within the scientific community
  • Present research in an educational manner outside the scientific community
  • Evaluate ethical aspects of relevant research and make decisions accordingly
  • Identify needs for new knowledge and be able to initiate and lead research

The education should also strive to ensure that the finished postgraduate will be able to:

  • Participate in interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Analyse the role of research in community development

The main supervisor and the student state in the individual study plan how the postgraduate will achieve these goals. If they have not been met at the time of examination, the supervisor and student must both be prepared to explain why.

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Last changed: May 13, 2015