Master Thesis

Synthetic title of the assignment Development of planning agents linked to Digital Smart Production.
Description of the work The work of this thesis project is framed within the European Project IDEAS (Instantly Deployable Evolvable Assembly System). The target of this project is to deliver a new concept of automatic assembly system based on a modular architecture and on distributed intelligence. To achieve this, multi agent based control architecture is benefited which is structured by using JADE (Java agent development framework). The system is capable of fast reconfiguration which needs to be complemented by dynamic decision making for planning activities. The thesis work will be implementing an agent based planning system (specifically workload control and sequencing) which dynamically makes decisions according to the production system status. Main steps of thesis will be,
- gain knowledge of multi agent systems programming
- investigating the requirements of the planning system to the production shop floor
- becoming skilled at Ideas Agent Development Environment (IADE)
- developing planning agents to implement workload control and product sequencing algorithms.
Expected results  • Developed planning agents which is integrated with the production system
Candidate's required technical skills  • Excellent object oriented programming skills (Java will be used)
 • Interest to multi agent system
Candidate's required Linguistic skills  • Fluent English
Expected time for completion 6 months
Reference Reference websites:
(1) www.ideas-project.eu
(2) http://www.kth.se/en/itm/inst/iip/forskning/eps

The student interested can contact and submit their curriculum in English with all the exams and related marks to Hakan Akillioglu (haaki@kth.se)
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