Károly Szipka

Doctoral Student


Telephone: +46(0)73-673 78 25

E-mail: szipka@kth.se

Visiting address: Brinellvägen 68, room P326


Károly Szipka joined the Department of Production Engineering in January 2015. He works under supervision of Andreas Archenti, focusing on precision engineering applied on metrology and manufacturing. His research work is tightly related to the role of industrial metrology in Industry 4.0 and challenges of the measurement science in the future of manufacturing.

Research Interests/Research

Focus area 1 – Industrial metrology in Industry 4.0: role of measurement science in future manufacturing and digitalization
Focus area 2 – Smart sensors: solutions for integration of metrology in production

Focus area 3 – Uncertainty in production: measurement uncertainty and uncertainty of manufacturing processes




Mechanical Engineering

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Exchange program)

Stockholm, Sweden

2014 - 2015


Mechanical Engineering Modelling

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest, Hungary

2011 - 2014


Business Administration and Management, Quality Management specialization

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest, Hungary

2010 - 2014


Mechatronics Engineering

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest, Hungary


  • SMB - Sensor-based metrology, grant no: PMH Application lab
  • SUMMIT - SUstainability, sMart Maintenance och fabrisksdesIgn Testbed, grant: Vinnova 2017-04773
  • SMASh- Smart Maintenance Assessment, grant: Vinnova 2017-01652
  • CHARMS - Characterization of machining systems, grant: PMH Application lab
  • COMPIT - Capability of Machining Systems and Performance Improvement Technologies, grant: Vinnova 2012-03684


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