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Jorge Mucino


Tell us about your background Why did you choose us/our programme?
I have a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, with a minor in administration from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Toluca, in Mexico. During my studies I had the opportunity to do an internship at Firmenich, a Swiss company that manufactures fragrances and flavours; I worked in the maintenance department and my job was to update the preventive and corrective maintenance software system. After that I did another internship at General Motors iron foundry plant where I worked in the department of quality; this time I was to improve the validation process for blocks, heads and crankshafts. I chose Production Engineering and Management because I wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of production engineering, and also because KTH is recognised worldwide. This will give me great opportunities to pursue a professional career.

Erol Vatansever


Tell us about your background Why did you choose us/our programme?
I have studied Mechanical Engineering at two universities. First I studied at Dokuz Eylul University, the undergraduate machinery program, 120 ECTS. I graduated as a high honour student with 3.7 over CGPA, which was the highest grade in the department. After that I started the Bachelor of Science program in Mechanical Engineering (240 ECTS) at the Izmir Institute of Technology, one of Turkey's very best universities. I graduated with high grades and I am now a well educated mechanical engineer who is looking forward to a bright future.
I had the opportunity to get work experience while I studied Mechanical Engineering. I have worked for many companies including Turkish Aerospace Industries, Carlsberg Brewery and British Motor Corporation. During my studies I took part in many academic work projects.
In production engineering there is a constant need for improvement; products of better quality, products that are more economical etc. The most important thing is sustainability. I don't think that the production system, production method or the products can ever be perfect. There is always something that can be improved. In order to make the process or product better, innovative, curious and visionary engineers are needed. I see this program as a chance to improve myself in the area of production engineering and I believe I will be very successful. Also, KTH is the best technical university in Sweden and studying at KTH makes you feel privileged. After all, the department of Production Engineering at KTH is the home of world-class academics and state of the art research. That's why I chose KTH and the Production Engineering and Management master's degree program.

Meixin Xu


Tell us about your background Why did you choose us/our programme?
I am Chinese and I was a major in mechanical engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University. I am sorry to say that I don't have much work experience. I am really interested in management, that's why I chose this program. As I already have a background in manufacturing, I think it will be helpful for me to acquire knowledge in production engineering and management as well.

Claudio Alexander Gonzalez Taylor


Tell us about your background Why did you choose us/our programme?

I have studied Innovation and Design Engineering (in other words product development engineering). I have worked as a Product Engineer and as a Process Engineer in Mexico.

There were three main factors that made me want to study at KTH. The first factor was the programme, it offered exactly what I was looking for. The second one was the university, KTH is a prestigious school with top level academics. And the last one was Sweden itself, I wanted to take this kind of programme in a country that is known for its sustainable practices, learn about it in the production field/system and then somehow adapt it and bring that knowledge back to Mexico.

Ilias Grigoriadis


Tell us about your background Why did you choose us/our programme?

My name is Ilias, I'm from Greece and I hold a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (300 ECTS). I have worked as an assistant technical consultant mainly participating in water treatment assistance and AutoCAD design of steel manufacturing plants. Apart from my mother tongue I also speak some English, German and Swedish and I can play the violin and the piano.

A M.Sc. in Production Engineering and Management is a very good qualification and I personally believe that it will make a very strong combination with my M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. This program was my first choice when I applied for a master in Sweden for the reasons mentioned above and also because KTH ranks among the world's top universities.

Laura Montalban


Tell us about our background Why did you choose us/our programme?
My name is Laura Montalban and I am a Materials Engineer from Caracas, Venezuela. I graduated in 2011. During my bachelor studies I gained a strong background in the structure, properties and manufacturing of metals, polymers and ceramics. In my final year of studies I had the chance to do an internship, for five months, at a research center associated with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain. I studied the mechanical and thermal properties of a new nanocomposite material called aerogel. Then I worked for three years as a Production Control Analyst in a plastic packing factory in Venezuela. During this time I improved my knowledge of injection molding of plastics and I applied engineering principles in order to optimize production processes. I decided to study the Master's programme in Production Engineering and Management, because I wanted to improve my career prospects. I am interested in learning more about manufacturing technology and managerial principles in order to improve production processes, especially the ones that involve the transformation of raw materials into finished products. On a professional level, I would like to increase my knowledge in production and operations analysis, for example operations strategy and planning and control of resources. These subjects complement my education in materials science and they will give me the tools that are necessary for becoming a leader of a manufacturing company.
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