Kristina Nyström

Associate professor
Telephone: +46 8 790 95 98
Visiting address: Lindstedtsvägen 30, Room 617

Short Bio

Kristina Nyström is Associate Professor in Economics with specialization in entrepreneurship and industrial dynamics at the Division of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management at KTH and. In particular, she conducts research on entry and exit of firms, often applying a regional or institutional perspective.

Her main areas of interests are:

  • Firm dynamics in terms of entry, expansion, exit and contraction of business.
  • Industrial and regional dynamics
  • Labour mobility associated with establishment of new business
  • Institutional aspects of entrepreneurship and firm dynamics

Kristina Nyström has published articles in academic journals such as Small Business Economics, Public Choice,  Labour, Industry Competition and Trade, Empirica, and Annals in Regional Science.

Kristina holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Jönköping International Business School and a Master of Science in Economics from Linkoping University. Kristina is also affiliated as researcher at the Ratio institute in Stockholm.

Current Research

  • Labor mobility and entrepreneurship
  • Firm closures and displacements
  • Institutions and entrepreneurship

Current Teaching

Kristina is currently teaching and is the Course Coordinator for the following courses:

  • ME2704 Industrial Dynamics
  • ME2719 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ME271X Degree Project in the Economics of Innovation and Growth

Curriculum Vitae

  Short CV (pdf 8 kB)

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