Resarch portfolio at Sustainability and industrial dynamics

We are researching to understand the transformation of industrial systems and industries

Our focus is on industrial dynamics in within system and industries (micro-meso-macro levels) where sustainability – environmental, socio, commercial and social – poses a central challenge. This includes technologies and industries like renewable energy, forest industry, commodity-based industry, service industry and payment system.

Our starting point is to create and spread knowledge about critical challenges for organization connected to industrial transformation that engineers meet in today and future career.

Selection of research projects

Net owner role and resource-efficient expansion of solar power

The project ‘How can an changed net owner role contribute to a resource efficient and system friendly expansion of solar power in Sweden‘ is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.
Within this research project, there will be study on how changed roles of local net owners could promote a resource efficient and system friendly solar power expansion in Sweden.

Researchers in the project: Martin Vendel (project leader), Petter Johansson and Cali Nuur.
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Instruments and investment incentives on the electricity market: Perspective of Industrial operators and financial operators

There is uncertainty about how to create incentives to enable the extensive investments in the transformation of power systems that are required for climate goals. This research project will contribute to the modelling of future instruments by evaluation and analyzing current instruments.

Researchers in the project: Niklas Arvidsson, Fabian Levihn and Saara Hollmén
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