Research portfolio of the Economics Group

We conduct research in collaboration with both international and national research centers.

Research Projects

CESIS (Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies)

CESIS was established as a research centre in 2004 with main basic funding from VINNOVA. CESIS is a research centre with the mission to organise and carry out studies of innovation systems. The main objective is to carry out systematic, peer¬-reviewed research of innovation systems, and to transform the evidence-based findings to decision-support for innovation policy making in the Swedish society.

CESIS recently achieved the overall assessment "Outstanding at the forefront of international research". According to the worldwide REPEC-system CESIS ranks high in terms of research output and research impact, and is among the top 5 % institutions in the world focused on innovation research.

Belongs to: Department of Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: Jan 30, 2019