Sustainability and industrial dynamics

Cali Nuur, Head of Unit
Cali Nuur, Head of Unit

The activities of the units are based on the knowledge area of industrial dynamics which is part and parcel of the discipline that focus on industrial and technical transformation. At INDEK, we educate engineers and conduct research within our knowledge area, but also within other parts of the wider subject area of industrial economics and organization.

Industrial dynamics have emerged from various academic disciplines including basic economic disciplines such as economic theory, business sciences, industrial economics, technology and science studies. It also gets inspiration from other subjects including sociology, history (economic and technical), economic geography and so on.

The theoretical base of industrial dynamics is innovation theory. However, the profile of industrial dynamics differs between different researches and universities all around the world. At KTH, the subject is characterized by strong focus on technological and industrial changes where the focus is on innovations, creativity, entrepreneurship and management problems relating to transformations.

We study industrial and technological transformation processes and the mechanisms that underlie them. We study these on the macro (society, global, national) and micro (e.g. firm level) but also on system levels in-between, so called “mesolevel”.

In recent years, as a consequence of the discussions on climate change mitigation and sustainability transitions, our research has also come to be characterized by analyzing industrial and technological transformations relating to sustainability. In this context, our research includes studies on eco-innovations, climate change mitigation strategies and transition towards sustainable technologies.

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Last changed: Apr 06, 2018