Gustav Martinsson, Head of Unit


  • Our research focuses on the study of technological development, innovation, entrepreneurship, business dynamics, industrial dynamics, corporate finance and economic development.
  • Our objective is to create and to transfer knowledge to students and among academic institutions and organizations within the private and public sector by conducting relevant theoretical and applied research; to facilitate this transfer of knowledge through the development of concepts, methods, practices, technologies and tools to assist managers, entrepreneurs and organizations create value.
  • The theoretical base of our research is primarily influenced by economic disciplines (economics, business administration, and industrial economics) but also from e.g. sociology, history - economic as well as technical - and economic geography.
  • We are using both quantitative well as qualitative and case based research methods.
  • Our research is carried out in collaboration with international and national research centres


Belongs to: Department of Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: Apr 01, 2019