Organization and management

Charlotte Holgersson,  Acting head of division
Johan Packendorff, acting Head of Unit

Our unit develops and spreads knowledge to meet the challenges, and seize the opportunities, that present and future organizations – and thereby people – face in an ever-changing world. A sustainable and inclusive working life, with creative and democratic workplaces, require innovative leadership as well as new forms of organizing processes and methods of change. Our research is based on a processual perspective, emphasizing the need to understand organizing, management and change as continuous and relational processes of social interaction.

The group is involved in:

  • Research
  • Development projects, both at KTH and externally
  • Assignments at KTH
  • Teaching, graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Expert assignments
  • Master thesis
Belongs to: Department of Industrial Economics and Management
Last changed: Oct 18, 2018