Fabian Levihn

Fabian Levihn

E-mail: fabian.levihn@indek.kth.se
Visiting address: Lindstedsvägen 30  Room: 414

Key areas/Research interest

The research is oriented towards the ongoing dynamic changes taking place within different energy systems. In particular the research cover different aspects of integrating multiple energy systems and technologies, and how this affect investments. A present such issue is how he increased share of intermittent renewable energy production within the Nordic power system affect investments and operation of combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

Additionally, he also participates within two projects finance by the Swedish Energy Agency. One of the projects is named "How investment decisions are made on the electricity certificate market". This project investigates how different structures of the Nordic power market affect investments in renewable energy production. The other project called " Big Data Driven Retrofitting Plan Stockholm" is an E2B2 cooperation project organized by the Industrial Ecology department at KTH. Industrial partners are Veolia, Sjöstadsföreningen and the Stockholm Municipality. The project aims at utilizing different measured data for developing plans for increasing the resource utilization and efficiency from energy use within the Stockholm region.


  • Responsible lecturer for the course ME2087 Energy Business.

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